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Sharing the Gift of Christmas by Jack E. Dawson

 Sharing the Gift of Christmas

by Jack E. Dawson

The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Romans 6:23

Light spilling from the windows of the Bittersweet Log Church speaks the presence of God, inviting us to come and rejoice with others celebrating the true meaning of Christmas. At the door the last roses of summer still cling to barren bushes, sweetly singing of the Rose of Sharon, the one true gift of God’s love. The fullness of the gift of Christmas is displayed on the package the visitor brings to the celebration. Because he possesses the gift, he carries God’s light to all he meets along the path, where it casts a reflection of the cross in the snow. Five other crosses bear witness to the true meaning of the season: Three are reflections from the lighted windows of the Log Church; a fourth on its steeple beckons us to come and worship Him; and overlooking it all, one lone tree casts its shadowed reminder of His sacrifice on the tree for us. This Christmas, share the true gift of God’s love.