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Reviewing the Troops by Jack E. Dawson

Reviewing the Troops

by Jack E. Dawson

Welcome him in the Lord with great joy, and honor men like him.
Philippians 2:29

You’ll love to tell the story of Jack E. Dawson’s paintings. This one portrays George Washington saluting the veterans of past and present American wars. Look for the word “honor” in the sidewalk. Every man and woman who has served our country and helped preserve our freedom is to be honored. The real key to this painting, however, is the Lord in the upper right corner. He is the one who is truly reviewing the troops. We are to be counted as good soldiers of Jesus Christ. Not only do we have a founding father reviewing our lives, but we also have a heavenly Father who is watching over us. Do you see his image in the upper right hand corner? “The Lord is my Shepherd” appears on the wall in front of President Washington, reminding us that each of us must ask ourselves, “Is He my Shepherd?”

11x14 Framed Decorator Prints

Reviewing the Troops – Decorator Print