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Rebirth-A New Beginning by Jack E. Dawson

Rebirth – A New Beginning

by Jack E. Dawson

The grass withers, and its flower falls away, but the word of the Lord endures forever.
1 Peter 1:24-25

Three generations of women celebrate new life as the sun rises over their little mountain home. Smoke rising from the cabin projects the warmth of home and family. Can you smell the homemade breakfast waiting on the wood stove? The grandmother and her granddaughter stroll toward the uplands to pick jonquils and mountain laurels. This will be a special day of rebirth and renewal-a memory to last a lifetime. The aged dogwood blooming in the meadow is one of their favorites. The cane left by the tree testifies that someday soon the grandmother will cast aside all the physical, emotional and spiritual struggles of this life. A ray of light shines at the grandmother’s feet. As she prepares to step into the light, she gazes toward the sun with anticipation, her faith about to become eternal reality. Within the light is a suggestion of the cross, signifying the day of her new birth in Christ, as well as the day she will enter the wonder of Heaven and the presence of the Lord. The crown formed by the sun’s rays confirms her eternal reward; a reward awaiting all who trust in Christ. The pathway divides in front of the cabin, reminding us we can take the path that leads to the blessings of family and faith, or follow the one that leads into the valley, away from the values that give life meaning, rejecting the promise of eternity with the Lord and fellow believers. Which path will you take?

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