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Peace-SD by Jack E. Dawson


by Jack E. Dawson

Jesus himself stood in the midst of them, and saith unto them, Peace be unto you.
Luke 24:36

We all long for peace. In a world filled with chaos, fear and uncertainty, one of our greatest needs is peace. In order to have that peace in our hearts and minds, we must first make peace with God. A dove representing the Holy Spirit hovers over the land as the red biplane pulls a banner illustrating the way. The blackness of sin (Black P) is met by sacrifice (Red E) that brings forgiveness (White A) and new life (Green C) in Heaven (Gold E). Once we have found this peace, the Bible (outlined in the field) instructs us to share it, beginning with our homes, then our churches, communities, nation and all the world. Notice the large cross in the landscape. Are you fulfilling your mission to point people to Jesus and the cross?

Ceramic Tile

Peace – Tile


11x14 Framed Decorator Prints

Peace (Sacred Dwelling) – Decorator Print