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Mountain Railway by Jack E. Dawson

Mountain Railway

by Jack E. Dawson

Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel, and afterward receive me to glory.
Psalm 73:24

Inspired by the song, “Life is Like a Mountain Railroad,” the train traveling heavenward toward the distantly seen Good Shepherd beautifully illustrates the upward journey of the Christian life. Though the journey may be difficult, sometimes steep and crooked, it presses on toward its destination. The train below may seem to be on the easier journey heading downward, but all other ways to heaven will fail. Just ahead the tracks come to an abrupt end and destruction is inevitable. Can you see the cargo of wood, hay and stubble symbolizing good works? The Bible teaches that even good works will be destroyed. There is but one name under heaven by which men can be saved and that name is Jesus. Have you claimed that name?

11x14 Framed Decorator Prints

Mountain Railway – Decorator Print