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Memories Worth Repeating SDC 50th by Jack E. Dawson

Memories Worth Repeating

by Jack E. Dawson

In 2010, the artist was asked to create a painting celebrating the 50th anniversary of Silver Dollar City. His creation remembers the past, celebrates the present and entrusts the future to the legacy and values imprinted on this living canvas by the Herschend family many years ago. The 1880’s theme park in Branson, Missouri began as a vision to cherish and preserve the time-honored traditions of the Ozark people’s love for life and family, godly faith and rich heritage of arts and crafts. Stroll through that great past depicted in the mural. One can almost hear the music and smell the aroma of food cooking over open fires. Sounds of fiddles fill the air while story tellers weave their yarns. Notice the weather-worn features of experienced crafts folk eager to share their stories and love for people. Enjoy the sounds of children laughing, the ring of a blacksmith’s hammer, or an axe hewing a giant oak log for a new home place. Join gospel groups praising God and hear the Good News being proclaimed in word and song from the Wilderness Church. With a theme of patriotism and faith the celebration continues on for all ages to enjoy.

Memories Worth Repeating

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