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Lights of Home by Jack E. Dawson

Lights of Home

by Jack E. Dawson

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6

The 1906 Victorian home is filled with generations of family members; alive with the many activities of life. The “old folks” sit on the porch engaging in conversation, making music and watching with joyful anticipation the children who will follow in their footsteps. Just as some of the lights of this home are bright and inviting and others are dark, so the influences of a family can be good and godly or just the opposite. How one generation passes on faith in Christ to the next is of great importance. Children are like blank sheets of paper. Their lives will be influenced for good or evil, and it is a grave responsibility to teach Biblical principles to them at an early age. Notice the little boy pulling a wagon, taught and prepared for life. As he stands at the crossroad (note the cross in the sidewalk), he is determined to follow Christ. His wagon is full of valuable cargo: the influences learned from his upbringing. His fishing pole speaks of the need for a good work ethic while the hour glass reminds us of the value of time. The globe represents a world he is prepared to impact, able to resist the temptations of this world; unlike the two brothers who are being enticed by the serpent, neglecting the Bible nearby. Ultimately, parents must step aside and let each child decide the path they will take, though the light of true home will always be shining. Even though the joy of home and family is great, we long for something more. God has told us of a better place, a home being prepared for those who place their faith in His Son, Jesus. He is the true Light of this world and the glory of His presence will forever be the Light of our home called Heaven.

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