Week 42 of 52 REPENTANCE

Repentance-SD by Jack E. Dawson

This is the next to the last (the 7th) of our Sacred Dwellings series which is part of Jack E. Dawson’s Seek and Find paintings, where we search for hidden pictures to discover the incredible Message of each painting. This one is REPENTANCE. Do you know the difference between “confession” and “repentance?” Learn about this […]

Week 39 of 52 MISSION

Mission-SD by Jack E. Dawson

Hello friends, This week I’m sharing another painting by my husband, Jack E Dawson. It’s one of the Sacred Dwelling paintings in the Seek and Find Series and all have hidden pictures that convey a great spiritual Truth. Our MISSION is to share the Good News of Jesus with a world that is desperately seeking […]

Week 38 of 52 MEDITATION

Meditation-SD by Jack E. Dawson

Do you want a way to conquer fear, anxiousness, frustration and anger? This painting is a reminder to take time to Meditate and our video description will tell us how to do that. I would love to hear how Meditation has transformed your life. Put your testimony here. Blessings, Nancy PS. There is an original […]


Impressions of Old Glory by Jack E. Dawson

Have you ever seen a flag folding ceremony at a memorial service? This painting shows the symbolism that each fold represents, ending with the 13th fold which includes the words, “In God we trust.” The memory verse conveys the sentiment of many of us. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” Psalm 33:12 […]