Jack E. Dawson - Seek & Find Book

Seek & find book now available

Jack has a new book that features 70 of his paintings.  Read the stories behind each of these Seek & Find paintings.  Discover the message hidden in each painting and find the rest of the story.

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we are Thankful for a nation where we are free to worship the God who is the source of the greatest freedom through Jesus Christ.

“Celebrate Freedom”

 And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.  John 8:32

One of America’s greatest icons has been her church steeples.  Over our history they have filled many important purposes in community life, reminding us of our heritage of faith and the importance of worship. The spire at the top beckons us to look…

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Celebrate Freedom by Jack E. Dawson
Glorious Expectation by Jack E. Dawson

New release

“Glorious Expectation”

A graveyard can be a place of sorrow and a place of hope. In this small cemetery beside the church we see a headstone with “CHRIST” engraved on it. At first glance it might appear that someone is saying Christ is dead. But a closer look proclaims the hope that…

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New release

“Lights of Home”

The 1906 Victorian home is filled with generations of family members; alive with the many activities of life. The “old folks” sit on the porch engaging in conversation, making music and watching with joyful anticipation the children who will follow…

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Lights of Home by Jack E. Dawson

Original Paintings

See many of Jack’s paintings in the Sacred Arts Museum at The Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.